I’ve been learning and playing the guitar since I was 12 and for me I can honestly say it has played a huge part in shaping who I am… for the better. Many benefits have come from learning guitar that have been absolutely priceless. Now as a guitar teacher I’m passionate about passing the gift of music and the guitar to others, empowering people to unlock numerous benefits of learning such a great instrument of one of the greatest creations, music.


Here are 10 reasons as to why learning music and especially guitar is beneficial


1. Grow in confidence: As you learn to play songs that you initially thought were impossible, whether consciously or sub-consciously, you inevitably learn that you are more capable and can achieve more than what you thought. With each milestone, however small it is, this feeling grows. This feeling is confidence. I can personally say that my confidence has grown significantly as a direct result of learning and playing the guitar.


2. FUN: Guitar is FUN. Music is FUN. Playing your favourite songs by your favourite artists is FUN. Creating your own riffs, music and songs is FUN. Jamming with friends is FUN. Impressing people with your skills is FUN. Improving in something or conquering something that once seemed so difficult is FUN. Guitar is FUN.

3. Creative Outlet: Having a creative outlet is important, especially for children and teenagers who are growing and developing. Creativity is an extremely important skill and one that is becoming increasingly important in just about ANY line of work, but more than that, opens up a platform where you can express yourself in new and different ways. Having this creative outlet also inspires people to dream. I know for myself the times when I was most inspired about the future and motivated towards dreams, and not just musical ones, was when I was playing the guitar.


4. Relieve Stress: No matter what age you or your child is, stress is something that we all need to learn how to manage. Having the ability to express yourself creatively actually helps to relieve stress. Often if I'm having a horrible day, I’d play the guitar in the afternoon and because I could make progress with guitar, see myself reaching goals, unlock that ability to dream and also get creative, I would no doubt go to bed feeling inspired and buzzing.


5. Boosts the IQ: Boosts the IQ (and other super important developmental stuff). An IQ is important, it helps us solve problems, so it’s good that while we were learning guitar and making dreams about the future, we were able to develop our IQ to help us get there. Many researchers and experts have actually linked playing an instrument to an increase in IQ, not to mention other benefits such as:

- improved memory

- time management skills

- organisational skills

- co-ordination

- concentration etc.

pretty much enough mental benefits to warrant another blog post on that alone. In short, if you were looking here hoping to find the answer to the question, “Is it worth getting myself or my children so guitar lessons?”, the answer is a resounding YES.


6. Social Skills and Teamwork: Jamming and being creative with other people is a great way to increase your social life and and make friends with good bonds. I have made so many friends through music who become so much more than just ‘music friends’, but actual amazing, genuine friends (also I met my girlfriend at music college, so yeah). But onto teamwork, working as part of a team is such an important skill in any aspect of life. When you play guitar in a band, you learn and practice how to step up and take the lead, step back or even sit out when it’s time to support others. You also learn to contribute to creative ideas in making music, give and receive advice, work towards mutual goals with a team and the list goes on.

(awesome musos, awesome jams)

7. Versatility: Guitar is one of the very few instruments that allows you to play lead as well as rhythm/chords. It can be an instrument to play either completely by itself, or accompany a vocalist, or slot into any band setup. Not only that but between blues, pop, rock, jazz, heavy metal, folk, classical, funk, gospel, electronic and so on, guitar has always been a prominent instrument. The boundaries of what can be done with a guitar is ever-growing, with ever-increasing effects and stylistic techniques such as guitar percussion, the possibilities are endless.


8. Work Opportunities: Many people will just assume that there is no money in music, this simply isn’t true. Music is the one language that there will always be a large demand for, both recorded and live. In fact, through touring, recording, writing, producing etc. there are many ways to create a great living for yourself, many have done it before and are doing it now. And let’s not forget, what if you make the big time?


9. Travel Opportunities: I myself have gotten paid to travel to many places as a musician, including Japan and through the Caribbean on cruise ships. For me to do this would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars for a much lesser experience. Otherwise if I wanted to work and travel, I would’ve either had to take poorly paid work or work that allows very limited free time, or both. So not only was I able to travel to amazing places, I didn’t have to fork out or slow down my career to do so, in fact, it advanced my career. If you are travelling on your own accord, being able to play the odd gig or teach some students is a bonus way to make an income as you travel.

(Getting cultural in Japan)

(I got paid to play on that and come here!!)


10. Practicality: Sure, piano, bass and drums are fantastic, they really are, but if you’re wanting to serenade a loved one on the beach, be the life of a campfire with a singalong, or even just pack it into the car or onto a plane, guitar has a certain practicality around it which other instruments can’t offer. However, this should not be the sole reason you choose to learn guitar, just a bonus.


So there you have it, and as someone who has learnt guitar and performed professionally for several years, I can honestly say that I have written I can testify to personally, especially the IQ thing.


Let me know your thoughts, subscribe, comment if it was helpful or insightful, if you think I’ve missed some important ones or you disagree, that’s fine, let me know!! If you're looking for guitar lessons for you or anyone else, don't forget to contact me now!